Spring Break Ideas for Young Kids

Spring is my favorite time of the year!!! The sun-kissed weather that won’t make you run for the house with A/C. I can relax and it gives me an excuse to spend more time at the beach. Plus, it helps when the sand isn’t raging hot.  Continue reading “Spring Break Ideas for Young Kids”

How do I get my toddler to sleep better?

Eat.Play.Repeat.  Why does something as simple as that feel like it can wear you down?! Parenting is challenging. I just don’t know how some of these super moms with more than 2 kids can do it!  Continue reading “How do I get my toddler to sleep better?”

Placerita Nature Center – Toddler and Kid Friendly Hiking Spot!

The best way to get my boys tired, take them outside to enjoy a nature walk. It’s free, peaceful (sometimes😋 ), it can stir up an appetite and tire them out! We’re lucky to have a few awesome locations in Southern California.  Continue reading “Placerita Nature Center – Toddler and Kid Friendly Hiking Spot!”

MothaCluckin’ Anxiety from my Kids

BLAHHHhh!!!! This is one of those days. These days haven’t come around often but when it does, shit just gets real. Lets face it: making dinner, running errands and dealing with your kids throwing tantrums over the little shit. It can build up some serious anxiety.

Continue reading “MothaCluckin’ Anxiety from my Kids”