The Cool Dinosaur Museum in LA!

Natural History Museum

Ohh Snap!

The Natural History Museum is definitely one of the places that you want to visit while in Los Angeles, California. It has preserved dinosaur fossils, mammals, gems, cool historical showrooms and a few mini souvenir shops. There’s lots to adventure and it’s perfect for pre-school aged and older kids, we took the boys with us for a short 2 hour trip.

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I don’t butter shit up when it comes to giving you the pros and cons of a location, I like to give an honest review so that people don’t just draw this flowery eventful picture of what they like to show off on Facebook. Here’s the break down review for our trip to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

Let’s start with the cons, get the annoy shit out of the way first:
😑 You can’t really take drinks/food inside, toss that Starbucks out, you’ll have to take your own reusable water bottle or hope your kids don’t run out of drinks in their sippy cups. Just a heads up – if it’s in a diaper bag, you can take it inside with you.
😑 The Elevators are tiny! If you have an umbrella stroller – do everyone a favor and use it. Leave that fancy $600+ go-go-gadget stroller at home. I took a jogging stroller and had to squeeze the damn thing through the elevator. Less is More.

Pros, this place is just f*cking awesome, here’s why!

😊 Pack a cooler, food and a blanket. Leave it in your car with plenty of ice, you can have a picnic just outside of the Museum.
😊 Tickets aren’t too pricey. You can make a donation at the ticket counter – giving the extra donation allows Elementary students visit the Natural History Museum during a field trip with free admission with you generous donation.
😊 If you don’t want to picnic, you’re in the middle of Los Angeles – you can find a great hole-in-the-wall or dine in at a nice restaurant. LA has no limits!
😊 The Showroom is large – two story! It has beautiful fossil and stunning displays, you can even physically touch and explore some cool things.
😊 Staff members are beyond amazing!

I don’t want to spoil your adventure, here are just a few pictures. Take lots of photos! These type of memories are priceless!

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