Pismo Beach Oceano Dunes – Camping and Off Roading

One of my best childhood memories has always been our camping and off roading at Pismo Beach, California – Oceano Dunes. While growing up, I could feel the salty beach wind sprinkle sand across my face, my hair would be wild and messy. The shore was filled with camp fires and loud engines roaring. We’d run out to the ocean and jump straight into the freezing water, not having a care in the world. Those were some of the best childhood memories I’ve ever had. We were away from home, with limited or minimal items and entertained ourselves with great conversations, the beach, or with my dads off roading adventures.

Check out some of the pictures…




It’s either a hit or miss when it comes to the weather. We arrived to a nice sunny day and then suddenly the wind kicked up. That didn’t keep us from 4wheeling and hitting up the dunes.


My brother took his Bronco and got stuck in this little slope area, his tires where just thrashing in further as he kept revving the engine. We have a few extra tow ropes and pulled out the Bronco with the Jeep Wrangler.


For clothing, I would take a selection of summer and winter pieces.

  • Beanies / Hats
  • Boots / Comfy old shoes
  • Jeans and Sweat Pants (for the night, it gets cold)
  • Sweaters and Jackets
  • Swim Suits / Shorts

Of course you want to take your typical camping gear. I’ll create a separate post of the cool items we decided to bring along.










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